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We started with a fundamental belief that businesses should focus on their business and NOT their website. This is where Nono Oculus comes in. Nono Oculus, (Latin: 9th Eye) strives to become the 9th Eye for small to mid-size businesses, helping them navigate their online identity.

From start to finish, we handle the planning, design, formation, creation and maintenance of your business site. If one of our pre-made plans does not suit your needs, we work directly with you to create and customize a plan that will.

From there, we handle all the technology needed to make your site a success. From domain management, DNS management, SSL certificates, web hosting, Site back-end support and Customer Management systems, everything you need to run your business online without the need to manage it all yourself.

Request a free consultation, and see exactly what Nono Oculus can do for your business today.

The origins

Where it started

From humble beginnings, Nono Oculus started as Novian Computers in 2003 in Homosassa Florida. Through multiple reinventions made along with industry changes, we now operate exclusively as a nationwide Online Web Services company.

Novian Computers was formed by Fareed Warrad in Citrus County Florida. Originally Novian Computers was a consumer based company that offered Repair and Upgrade services. Novian began working to expand into the small-to-midsize business & over the phone tech support arena. It entered into a merger of equals agreement with PC IGNITION Phone Tech Support Services in December 0f 2003.

PC IGNITION PTS Services was a separate company that was formed prior to Novian Computers, by Fareed Warrad on April 1, 2003. As an affiliate of Ingenio Inc (Formally Keen.Com), the company was formed in the Citrus County jurisdiction to offer Nation Wide Phone Technical Support Services. The merger of equals transaction between Novian Computers and PC IGNITION PTS Services closed January 1, 2004.

January 1, 2004 both companies began operating as one under the name PC IGNITION Computer Services. Immediately the company focused on business centric services and re-launched the Novian Web Services division as Ignition Designs in March of 2004. In November of 2004 the company launched it’s Commercial Division and began acquiring new accounts. In January of 2005 PC IGNITION Computer Services signed a one year joint venture deal with Rumzy Inc, effectively selling 50% stake in the company. PC IGNITION Computer Services focused on becoming a VAR (Value Added Reseller) in 2005. In June of 2005 PC IGNITION Computer Services signed a two year definite agreement with Nextel Communications, Inc to become the sole Mobile Services provider for the company.

In October 2005 PC IGNITION Computer Services & Rumzy Inc jointly acquired SA Creative based in Orlando Florida to better their position as a web, printing, video, and promotional design provider. The unit was combined with Ignition Designs which was spun off of PC IGNITION to form IGD Creative. IGD Creative was majorly owned by Rumzy Inc with PC IGNITION having controlling interest in the unit. In October of the same year Sprint Nextel Corporation inherited the Mobile Services agreement signed four months earlier. PC IGNITION CS expanded its services further by adding a additional lines of voice and mobile broadband services. In September 2005 PC IGNITION CS officially became a VAR and formed PC IGNITION Parts Order Store in conjunction with Tech Depot. In November of 2005 the unit was renamed Ignition Parts Direct. In January of 2006 it added H&J Electronics International as a major supplier.

In December of 2005 PC IGNITION CS agreed to extend its Sprint Nextel contract for an additional two years. PC IGNITION CS expressed interest in improving operations and customer service/management as well as product and service delivery. PC IGNITION CS felt that Sprint Nextel’s new position in the wireless industry was just right for this motion. In February of 2006 PC IGNITION CS, the new company formed after the merger, began offering ring tone and wallpaper services under the new unit then known as Ignition Tones & Wallpaper. In March of 2006 PC IGNITION Computer Services became Toshiba certified. Toshiba presented PC IGNITION Computer Services’ Chief Operating Technician Fareed Warrad with a one year Toshiba Associate Technician Certificate. In April 2006 PC IGNITION CS re-launched their commercial division as United IT Services, a full service corporate provider of commercial based network and office services. Later on that same month PC IGNITION CS exercised their right to spin off their share of IGD Creative as a subsidiary of PC IGNITION CS. The unit remained unnamed at the time.

In October of 2006 the company went into a re-organizational strategy which highlighted the company name change. Aside from becoming Ignitia IT Solutions, the consumer service division became Ignitia Computer Services, the commercial division became Ignitia Business, the ring tone and wallpaper service unit was merged with Ignitia CS, Ignition Parts Direct was merged with Novian Computer Sales and became Ignitia Computers & Electronics, PC IGNITION's share of IGD Creative unit that was spun off earlier that year became Ignitia Online Solutions. Ignitia also assumed “Problem Solved”™ tag line. Also in the same month Ignitia announced that it had renewed the joint venture deal with Rumzy Inc for an additional two years. In October of 2006 Ignitia also, in conjunction with YTB Inc (Your Travel Biz, Inc) formed Explorah.Com ( an online travel service provider. Explorah.Com will be marketing itself as, and

In January of 2007 revised it’s tag line to “Relax, Problem Solved” ™, and changed it’s logo once again as well as launched to better enhance customer service & corporate email system. In February of 2007 Ignitia Online Solutions unit became Ignitia Marketing & Promotions and acquired two new accounts In the same month Ignitia IT Solutions signed a third party warranty services agreement with Barrister Global Services Network to become an exclusive third party warranty service provider for Barrister GSN throughout the Citrus County Florida jurisdiction. In April 2007 Ignitia signed a second long term third party warranty agreement with Nexicore Services, Inc. Ignitia will be offering subcontracted services to Nexicore for the Citrus County jurisdiction. Ignitia also launched in the same month to assist future third party warranty Service Company’s request for service.

In May of 2007 Ignitia IT Solutions launched Ignitia Mobile, a new MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) wireless services in conjunction with Sonopia & Verizon Wireless. In compliance with the 2005 Sprint Nextel Agreement that was signed into effect by Ignitia, Ignitia Mobile did not become an  MVNO service affiliate of Sprint PCS. Ignitia Mobile along with The PC Geekz Network (, a technology advice forum, will be offering customized content to be provided over the mobile phone services provided by Ignitia Mobile.

In June 2007 Ignitia IT Solutions re-launched what was formally known as the PC IGNITION Download Center as File Grabber via the website and began offering ready-to-order Microsoft Windows drivers and other files as both charge and free based files. File Grabber will operate under the joint control of Ignitia Online Solutions &Ignitia Marketing & Promotions. The following month Ignitia launched Retrevio Data Recovery Services via the website The website will offer users the ability to send in their mobile phone’s SIM Chip. Retrevio Data technicians from there on would extract desired data, burn it on a DVD and send the DVD as well as the SIM chip back to the user.

On June 12, 2007 Ignitia announced that it has entered into a definite merger of equals agreement with WebNotica Services. The plan was that Rumzy Inc would spin off Ignitia and then Ignitia would subsequently merge with WebNotica. It closed the transaction on August 31 2007 and began operating as HSG Holdings, Inc on September 10, 2007. On October 17, 2007 HSG announced that it will shut down it's online travel business in conjunction with YTB and sell it's remaining "Explorah.Com" assets. On the same day HSG also announced that it will cease its PC Geekz Online operations, File Grabber Services, and Retrevio Data Recovery Services as well.

On February 1, 2008 HSG revised it's consumer and business computer examination and service warranty for it's computer services division. HSG also announced that it will continue to market it's computer services division under the name "Ignitia" and changed Ignitia's tag line to "Life's Technologies, Worry Free". The new examination plans became "Worry Less" and "Experience More". The service warranty was increased another 30 days to 120 covered days. The warranty's name became "Worry Less, Experience More Warranty"

On March 12, 2008 HSG announced that it's COO and President, Casey Christensen will be leaving the company to peruse other interests. Case Christensen joined the company in 2007 when Ignitia and WebNotica merged. HSG began searching for a replacement and said that it would announce more information when it became available.

On April 30, 2008 HSG marked it's 1 year anniversary as an authorized service provider on behalf of Nexicore Services Inc.  To that date it had completed over 110 service calls on behalf of Nexicore. On May 3, 2008 HSG celebrated it's 5th year in business by announcing a 5 Per 50 Special discount for new and current client's who purchases services worth $50 or more.

On June 1, 2008 HSG announced that they have changed the Ignitia Logo and began using the Sub Tag Line "An HSG Service Brand" in conjunction with their current tag line "Life's Technologies, Worry Free". The logo began appearing on all marketing material, as well as invoices and all company related websites.

On June 18, 2008 HSG launched a new Ignitia branded Support Ticketing System powered by via The new designed support site allows clients to open new tickets, view open & closed tickets, cancel tickets, reopen closed tickets, and better communicate with the Ignitia Customer Service Network. That same day HSG launched instant online support via,,, and as well as a Tech Community Chat room on Ignitia's main site.

On October 17, 2008 HSG announced the immediate launch of Emagine Press, a full service literary publishing company. The company will be ran by the same management of HSG and expects to release it's first publication in two to three years.  You can also learn more about Emagine Press by visiting the official division website at It was announced that Guilty of Faith: The Struggle of Ramzi Hassan will be the first title to be released by Emagine Press.

HSG re-launched it's company support website and transformed it into a full service support portal which features the Support Ticketing System launched in June of 2008 as well as direct accesses to hardware manufacture based drivers and support,  free and paid versions of the leading pc security software titles, live online chat support, as well as access to the new RemoteAssistLive service that was also launched on the same day. RemoteAssistLive Remote Support Services is based on the previously launched V.R.I.T.S or Virtual Remote I.T. Services previously offered to only businesses. Now the new service is available to both consumers and business alike for a low monthly rate providing unlimited service.

In May 2020, HSG Holdings, and all of its properties have been relaunched as Nono Oculus. We are committed to providing excellent service.

We can help you with any size project.